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Dental Press: It’s history

The company’s trajectory is marked by the incessant search
for innovation and it’s guided by the principles of Science

The history of Dental Press — funded in 1990 in the city of Maringá (northeast region of Paraná state, in the south of Brazil) — became real thanks to the entrepreneur and perseverant spirit of dental surgeon Laurindo Zanco Furquim, anxious to acquire new concepts and techniques in the field of Dentistry. The first editorial step was the Abstracts, a periodical with translations of articles published in English language, this way initiating main mission of Dental Press: To spread researches and clinical practices in Dentistry.

Twenty years later, the innovation, audacity and technology established Dental Press in the market as one of the biggest publishing companies in the field of Dentistry.

In 1994 it started promoting Improvement and Specialization courses in Orthodontics. In the same year Dental Press had promoted its first Congress which had as nationwide prominence the presence of Professor Leopoldino Capelozza Filho. Since then more than six large congress had been realized with the mean participation of 700 professionals. The very own lecturers and participants of the congresses bear witness that these have become the great alternative for the traditional events in Brazil. Among the many lecturers from the world Dentistry, have already came to Maringá, the city of the corporate office of Dental Press: Jay Bowman, James A. McNamara Jr., Roberto Justus, Björn Zachrisson, Julia Harfin, Vincent Kokich Jr., Lawrence and Will Andrews, Ricardo Mitrani and Jason Cope, all clinical authorities and from world centers of research, leaders of the most important associations of Dentistry and consultants and editors of books and journals of specialties.

The scientific spread of Dental Press, in 1999, received one new effective tool for the Progressive Education and for its countless students and readers: the “Excellence in Orthodontics”. It was accepted only students with recognized titles of Specialists, Masters or Doctorates. More than 300 professionals so far, during 5 weeks per class, have immersed into the major innovations of specialties and clinical practices marked by efficiency.

In 2002, Dental Press did an important step to spread the options range for its readers: Introduced the “Revista Clínica de Ortodontia Dental Press” (Dental Press Journal of Clinical Orthodontics). Besides of scientific studies, this journal presents papers of clinical interest, embracing techniques, quality and management of dental clinic. Nowadays, with Weber José da Silva Ursi, as chief-editor of the journal, and José Valladares Neto, Rosely Suguino and Danilo Furquim Siqueira as assistant editors, this publication is consolidated and have reached a significant amount of the specialty. Together, for sure, Dental Press can asseverate that its journals are the most read in the Brazilian Orthodontics.

Aware of the constant evolution of utilized techniques in the field of Esthetic Dentistry and of the even more bigger demand of the patients, Dental Press introduced in 2004 the Revista Dental Press de Estética (Dental Press Journal of Esthetics) as a partnership with the Brazilian Society of Esthetic Dentistry (SBOE). Three years later, in 2007, came to the light the Revista Dental Press de Periodontia e Implantologia, today called Dental Press Implantology, published in Portuguese and English since 2012.

Also aware of the modern international demands for visibility and diffusion of scientific papers, Dental Press started publishing in English language the Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics, previously called Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial.

Among the years, Dental Press have published countless books of authors of national Dentistry, as Leopoldino Capelozza Filho, Ertty Silva, Alberto Consolaro, Carlos Alberto G. Cabrera, Marcos Janson, Sidney Kina, Antenor Araujo, Adriano Marotta Araujo, Marcelo Marotta Araujo, Claúdia Cia Worschech, Messias Rodrigues, Marcio Rodrigues de Almeida, Fabio Valverde Rodrigues Bastos, Paulo Picanço, Marco Antonio de Oliveira Almeida, Ewerton Nocchi, Renato Rodrigues de Almeida, Antonio Carlos Ruellas, Sérgio Tufik, among others figuring as the most read and with countless republished editions or already out of print.

The year of 2011 was very significant for Dental Press due to the introduction of Dental Press Endodontics journal, with Carlos Estrela as chief editor. Still, to keep this process of innovation, in the very same year it was started its publication for tablets. Since then, it has a prominent space among the apps for Ipad in the Apple Store, instead of using static and limited images, it is used new ways of interaction like slideshows, videos, audio and infographics.

These apps are available for Dental Press Implantology, Dental Press Endodontics and Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics, and for special interviews like with Dr. Leopoldino Capelozza Filho, Tiziano Baccetti and James A. McNamara Jr. Readers from many countries keep themselves in contact to these publications.

Still in 2011, Dental Press was among the ten finalists of the 53th Prêmio Jabuti de Literatura (Jabuti Literature Award), the most relevant Brazilian editorial prize, in the category of “Health Sciences”, with the book “Orthológica — Soluções Ortodônticas Lógicas” authored by Carlos Alberto G. Cabrera, Marise de Castro Cabrera e Laura de Castro Cabrera.

With its acting in the Brazilian national market, high level performance and transparent and ethical standards towards science, Dental Press was indicated for a partnership with Elsevier — the most influent and esteemed publisher in the world for the fields of Science, Technology and Health — to publish, in electronic format, a new periodical in Dentistry: The Portuguese version the The Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice (JEBDP). Bearing Michael G. Newman as chief editor, one of the most esteemed authors today, this publication presents reviews of original articles, constituting the principal font for evidence-based dental practice.

The editorial, events and courses diversification have resulted in an educational experience able to attend with the same quality other dentistry specialties, so in 2012 February it was started the activities of the Programa Excelência na Estética (Excellence in Esthetics Program), and for 2013 is already approved the syllabus for the Excelência na Implantodontia (Excellence in Implantology). Both specialties will enjoy these first programs of quality continued education, able to update their specialist professionals in the most modern themes and practices. The faculty adhesion stamps the educational proposal of Dental Press and also demands and maintenance of high quality standards.

Its initial goal 20 years ago was the diffusion, the spread of solid researches and scientific and professional information anticipated what, today, was established as “sharing”. To anticipate realties and to disseminate clinical practices in an ethical way, consolidated Dental Press and prepared it for the changes that an informed society demands from us, be it reuniting professionals or communicating relevant scientific knowledgement by printed or electronic ways (tablet and cell phones) to the professionals of health field.

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