Reference Pricing Tool for Orthodontic Care

Luiz Gustavo Centurion de MOURA, Weber URSI, Estevão Tomomitsu KIMPARA, Pedro Henrique Moraes ANANIAS.

Objective: With the mission of establishing prices of dental services, and considering the lack of specific information about this subject in the dental literature, the goal of this work was the development of a referential tool for the elaboration of values, useful and simplified, like a web application, to guide correct pricing in Orthodontics. Methods: The variables that directly and indirectly influence the price formation process will be presented, which were allocated in a data program created in partnership with the Information Technology Department of Universidade Estadual Paulista (Brazil). Result: The FREVO (Ferramenta Referencial para Elaboração de Valores em Ortodontia, Reference Pricing Tool for Orthodontic Care) was developed, which improve the calculation of fees, is adaptable to the profile of each professional, client and type of practice, with a final suggestion of values that are further justified with clarity, without major divergences and with transparency in orthodontic practice. Conclusion: Considering the huge shortage in the dental literature on this subject, the use of applications such as FREVO speeds up the pricing of the services provided.

Keywords: Orthodontics. Ethic. Pricing. Costs analysis. Dental fees.

How to cite: Moura LGC, Ursi W, Kimpara ET, Ananias PHM. Reference Pricing Tool for Orthodontic Care. Clin Orthod. 2022 Fev-Mar;21(1):78-85.

Thursday, May 19, 2022 22:49