Is the anchorage skeletal or osseous?


Objectives: Question and suggest the replacement of the term “skeletal anchorage” for “osseous anchorage”. Rationale: Skeleton is the collective name given to the set of dry and organized bones, without the soft parts, including their own, for the anatomical and biological study of vertebrates. Each bone can be considered an organ, individually, when complete, with its mineralized part, its cells, vessels and nerves, in addition to its soft parts, such as the periosteum, bone marrow and cartilage. Conclusion: The term “skeletal anchorage” should be replaced by “osseous anchorage”, since this is what actually happens: the support is provided by the osseous tissue of the jaws.

Keywords: Skeleton. Anchorage. Bone. Jaws.

How to cite: Consolaro A. Is the anchorage skeletal or osseous? Clin Orthod. 2022 Fev-Mar;21(1):126-8.

Thursday, May 19, 2022 22:27