Does primary failure of eruption exist?

Alberto CONSOLARO e Mauricio de Almeida CARDOSO

Introduction: There is no way to understand where there would be a failure in the beginning of odontogenesis that could be called “primary eruption failure”. Objective: A well-founded analysis of this “diagnosis” is the aim of this article. Discussion: The ossification and development of tooth germs generate forces that expand the volume in all directions. Teeth in formation tend to move towards the occlusal plane and form the alveolar process, because they have more EGF-type mediators in their pericoronary spaces and tissues than in other regions. Teeth with “primary eruption failure” almost always have ankylosis and replacement root resorption that haven’t been diagnosed because panoramic radiographs were used. With periapical radiographs and CT scans, the local cause is often identified. Conclusion: There would not be a “primary eruption failure”, but when, after excluding all causes, this term is used, it should be more appropriate to replace it by “idiopathic eruption failure”, because the cause cannot be identified locally, but it exists or existed and we haven’t been able to identify it.

Keywords: Eruption. Primary failure of eruption. Alveolodental ankylosis. Replacement root resorption. Infraocclusion.

How to cite: Consolaro A, Cardoso MA. Does “Primary failure of eruption” exist? Clin Orthod. 2021 Dec-2022 Jan;20(6):108-15.

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