Orthodontic treatment finishing in Class II and Class III mo- lar relationships


Introduction: When premolars are extracted only in one of the dental arches, the molar relationship will be finished in Class II or Class III. The finishing of orthodontic treatment in these occlusal relationships requires adjustments in the position of the molars and remaining premolars, different from those recommended for finishing in Class I. Objective: The purpose of this article was to review the necessary changes to improve the completion of orthodontic treatment with molars in Class II and Class III relationship, considering the use of pre-adjusted appliances, with emphasis on MBT prescription. Conclusion: The main adjustments required for finishing with molar in Class II and Class III are the reduction of distal root angulation and the introduction of mesial rotation in the crowns of maxillary molars. When finishing in Class III, it is also recommended to eliminate the distal angulation of the roots of the mandibular first molars and a small intrusion of the maxillary second premolars. These adjustments contribute to a better occlusal settlement and to avoid interference during the functional movements of the mandible.

Keywords: Orthodontics, corrective. Dental occlusion. Orthodontic appliances, fixed.

How to cite: Moresca R, Trevisi H. Orthodontic treatment finishing in Class II and Class III molar relationships. Clin Orthod. 2021 Oct-Nov;20(5):78-90.

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