Interception of maxillary canines in ectopic eruption

Marina Bozzini PAIES, Karolina Pires MARCELINO, Arthur César de Medeiros ALVES, Hallissa Simplício Gomes PEREIRA, Isabelita Duarte AZEVEDO, Sergei Godeiro Fernandes Rabelo CALDAS

Introduction: Canine impactions are frequently encountered and their management is facilitated with earlier diagnosis. Objective: To report a clinical case of a 10-year-old patient with permanent maxillary canines in process of ectopic eruption and with suspected root resorption of the left maxillary lateral incisor. Methods: This is a longitudinal and interventional clinical study, of the case report type. Results: Early interception by extraction of the maxillary deciduous canines and slow maxillary expansion allowed the reorientation of the permanent canines to follow the normal eruption path, with no sequelae to the adjacent teeth. Conclusion: Early diagnosis and interception of ectopic eruption of permanent maxillary canines are important factors for a successful treatment.

Keywords: Cuspid. Tooth eruption, ectopic. Orthodontics, interceptive.

How to cite: Paies MB, Marcelino KP, Alves ACM, Pereira HSG, Azevedo ID, CaldasSGFR. Interception of maxillary canines in ectopic eruption. Clin Orthod. 2021 Oct-Nov;20(5):106-14.

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