Dentoalveolar anterior open bite treatment with digital indirect bonding: case report

Taís de Morais Alves da CUNHA, Gabriel Carlos Fonseca VILASBOAS, Inessa da Silva BARBOSA, Karolinne Kaila PALMA, Rodrigo Ferreira CARVALHO, Sérgio Freitas RIBEIRO

Introduction: Open bite is a malocclusion of great aesthetic-functional impairment and may be dentoalveolar or even present skeletal involvement, which requires a correct diag- nosis for proper clinical management. It is a complex malocclusion mainly in relation to stability; therefore, multidisciplinary treatment is demanded in order to decrease the risk of long- term instability. Objective: To report the clinical case of an adult patient with dentoalveolar anterior open bite, treated by a self-ligating technique combined with digital indirect orthodontic bonding. Case report: The patient with pleasant facial aesthetics presented Angle Class I with moderate crowding, increased overjet (7mm) and negative overbite (-4mm). Also presented, inverted smile and low smile line. The treatment was performed with dental arches expansion and anterior teeth extrusion with intermaxillary elastic mechanics. Results: Mutually protected occlusion was achieved with adequate overjet and overbite, which favored the smile aesthetics harmony. Speech-language follow-up was not necessary during the retention period, as the patient did not present lingual interposition. Conclusions: Excellent results were achieved in reduced treatment time. Patients collaboration, correct diagnosis and digital indirect bonding may contribute to treatment efficiency.

Keywords: Open bite. Orthodontics, Corrective. Printing, three-dimensional

How to cite: Cunha TMA, Vilas-Boas GCF, Barbosa IS, Palma KK, Carvalho RF, Ribeiro SF. Dentoalveolar anterior open bite treatment with digital indirect bonding: case report. Clin Orthod. 2021 Feb-Mar;20(1):93-103.

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