Compensatory treatment of skeletal and dental Class III in growing male patient

Adriano Froner

Objective: To present the diagnosis, planning and treatment of a Class III skeletal and dental malocclusion in a 14-year-old patient. Case report: A complete Class III molar relationship on the left side, a deviation of the lower midline to the right side, and an anterior and right posterior crossbite were characteristic of this malocclusion. The lack of initial collaboration of the patient (who was in the pubertal growth spurt phase) and the generalized presence of diastemas in both arches were determinant for choosing the approach with corrective orthodontic appliance combined with the Power Scope fixed functional device, which in turn provided the improvement of sagittal relationship of the arches and the correction of the anterior crossbite and, thus, the gradual acceptance by the patient regarding the use of the chin cup and swing type intermaxillary elastics (anterior oblique) and Class III elastics, giving conditions for treatment progress, improvement in the finishing phase, and increase of the occlusal stability. Results and Conclusion: At the end of this compensatory orthodontic treatment, the harmonization of the smile lines and of the facial features was achieved by correcting the inferior arch asymmetry, the crossbite, the Class III relationship on the left side, besides the reduction of the interdental spaces and the correction of Bolton discrepancy, with 4.5mm anteroinferior excess.

Keywords: Malocclusion, Angle Class III. Orthodontics, Corrective. Orthodontic appliances, functional.

How to cite: Froner A. Tratamento compensatório da Classe III esquelética e dentária em paciente do sexo masculino em crescimento. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2020 Fev-Mar;19(1):93-115.

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