Miniplates and self-ligating appliances correcting anterior open bite and posterior crossbite: Case study

Francielen Prates Ferreira Barbosa, Vânia Eloísa de Araújo, Rodrigo Romano da Silva

The anterior open bite is commonly associated with posterior crossbite. Several therapeutic possibilities are cited in the literature to correct these deformities, among them the skeletal anchorage. Besides the skeletal anchorage with mini-plates, the association with the self-ligating appliances decreases the friction and corrects the horizontal overlap by expansion of the maxillary arch. This paper describes the orthodontic treatment performed in an adult patient, Long Face pattern, presenting Angle Class I malocclusion, bilateral posterior crossbite, and anterior open bite. The intrusion of the posterior maxillary molars with anchorage in titanium miniplates associated to the self-ligating appliance (SLI, Morelli Ortodontia, Sorocaba/SP, Brazil) with expanded wires was performed to correct the anterior open bite and transverse adequacy, with follow-up of the stability of the treatment after three years of control. The results suggested that the miniplates promoted little intrusion of the maxillary molars, and the closure was largely due to the extrusion of the anterior teeth. The self-ligating brackets, associated with expanded CuNiTi archwires promoted limited transverse expansion, without complete correction of posterior crossbite. It was clear, in the present clinical case, that these mechanics were not the main responsible ones or, still, they had limitations for the full correction of the malocclusion. After three years of control, instability of the results was observed, and a discrete opening of the anterior bite occurred.

Keywords: Tooth movement. Malocclusion. Orthodontic anchorage procedures. Open bite.

How to cite: Barbosa FPF, Araújo VE, Silva RR. Miniplacas e aparelho autoligável para correção de mordida aberta anterior e cruzada posterior: estudo de caso. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Jun-Jul;18(3):85-99. DOI: https://doi.org/10.14436/1676-6849.18.3.085-099.art

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