Modified Arnold expander: an alternative for mandibular arch expansion

Ildeu ANDRADE JR., Marco Aurélio Benini PASCHOAL, Natália Couto FIGUEIREDO

Introduction: Due to the anatomical constraints of the mandible, mandibular dental arch usually serves as a guideline to determine the required changes in the maxillary transverse dimension. The Schwarz appliance and the Lip Bumper are the traditional orthodontic appliances for mandibular arch expansion in patients with borderline amounts of crowding, and/or transverse discrepancy. However, they often require patient cooperation, which may be a concern for orthodontists in daily practice. Objectives: This article illustrates a simple fixed orthodontic device as an alternative to achieve mandibular arch expansion in patients with moderate tooth-size/arch-length discrepancy. The four reported cases refer to 8 to 10-year-old patients in the mixed dentition, with an Angle Class I or Class II malocclusion, transverse deficiency in both arches, moderate crowding and/or posterior crossbite, combined with compromised smile aesthetics. The patients were treated with rapid maxillary expansion (RME) using Hass expander appliance and the modified Arnold expander (MAE). Conclusion: This lowcost compliance-free orthodontic appliance provided dentoalveolar decompensation by means of uprighting the posterior teeth, with minimal or no adjustments during treatment. The final results were achieved in only three to four months, and fulfilled all treatment objectives, such as an increase in the arch perimeter and width, and a better teeth alignment.

Keywords: Malocclusion. Orthodontics, interceptive. Palatal expansion technique. Tooth crowding. Case reports.

How to cite: Andrade Jr. I, Paschoal MAB, Figueiredo NC. Modified Arnold expander: an alternative for mandibular arch expansion. Dental Press J Orthod. 2021;26(5):e21spe5.

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