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Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Research publishes original scientific research, significant reviews, case reports, technique descriptions, clinical trials, letters to the editor, brief communications and other articles related to Restorative Dentistry, including clinical and basic aspects of Esthetic Dentistry, Regeneration, Materials, Implants and Retrievals.

Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Research (JCDR) uses GNPapers®, an online system for submission and evaluation of manuscripts. To submit manuscripts, please visit: http://jcdr.dentalpress.gnpapers.com.br/

Please send all other correspondence to: Dental Press International Av. Dr. Luiz Teixeira Mendes, 2.712 - Zona 5 Zip code: 87.015-001, Maringá/PR, Brazil Phone. (55 044) 3033-9818 E-mail: artigos@dentalpress.com.br Editorial Policies

Plagiarism and originality

Plagiarism is not acceptable in JCDR submissions; if plagiarism is detected (by using Crossref Similarity CheckTM), the manuscript will be rejected. To be submitted, all manuscripts must be original and not published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts are assessed by the editor and reviewers and are subject to editorial review.

Peer review process

All submitted articles will be forwarded to two associate editors for initial analysis. Should both decide that the article is of low priority, it will be sent back to the authors. Conversely, should at least one of the editors decide that the article is suitable for publication, it will continue on the submission process and will be thoroughly analyzed by a group of three to four reviewers. The “double blind”system is used in this phase.

Statements and opinions expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of the editor(s) or publisher, who do not assume any responsibility for statements and opinions presented. Neither the editor(s) nor the publisher guarantee or endorse any product or service advertised in this publication or any claims made by their respective manufacturers. Each reader must determine whether or not to act according to the information contained in this publication. The Journal and its sponsors are not liable for any damage arising from the publication of erroneous information.

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