Class II subdivision malocclusion treatment using lingual orthodontics and mandibular protractor: Case report

Graziane Olímpio Pereira, Wilana Moura, Carlos Henrique Guimarães Júnior, Silvana Allegrini Kairalla, José Fernando Castanha Henriques

Objective: To present the compensatory treatment of a Pattern I female patient with Class II subdivision malocclusion on the left side, mild facial asymmetry and without compromised facial aesthetics, by using the lingual technique. Case report: The treatment was performed by associating the lingual technique, a mandibular protraction appliance (Forsus, 3M Unitek) and partial vestibular appliances of monocrystalline porcelain in the lower left side, to perform the compensatory treatment. Results: it was possible to achieve a stable occlusion with protrusion and right and left laterality, reduced maxillary protrusion and midline correction. Conclusion: the lingual technique has been sought for a large proportion of adult patients and can effectively be used alone or in combination with partial vestibular appliance for treating malocclusions, with comparable results to the labial technique.

Keywords: Malocclusion, Angle Class II. Aesthetics, dental. Orthodontics, corrective.

How to cite: Pereira GO, Moura W, Guimarães Júnior CH, Kairalla SA, Henriques JFC. Tratamento da má oclusão de Classe II subdivisão com Ortodontia Lingual e propulsor mandibular: relato de caso. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2018 Fev-Mar;17(1):63-77. DOI: https://doi.org/10.14436/1676-6849.17.1.063-077.art

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