What changes in the biology of bone movement induced with mini-implants/ miniplates is the synchronicity

Alberto CONSOLARO, Ertty SILVA, Maurício de Almeida CARDOSO

Introduction: Induced tooth-bone movement occurs by a synchronicity of dental and bone phenomena, thanks to the osteocytic network, which is a three-dimensional network that controls the bone shape or design. Objective: To describe the tooth-bone movement induced by enhanced anchorage, divided into three distinct moments: zero, start and stop. Question: From this description, the main question arises: with the use of mini-implants/miniplates, what changes in the biology of induced tooth-bone movement? The answer is: nothing changes, either biologically or microscopically. Conclusion: This technique optimizes the treatment time, and the range of therapeutic possibilities is broadened, thanks to the synchronicity of phenomena — which remain the same, in all teeth and bones, yet in a synchronized manner. Bone anchorage represents synchronicity in induced tooth-bone movement.

Keywords: Induced tooth-bone movement. Induced tooth movement. Orthodontic movement. Osteocytes. Osteocytic network.

How to cite: Consolaro A, Silva E, Cardoso MA. What changes in the biology of bone movement induced with mini-implants/miniplates is the synchronicity. Dental Press J Orthod. 2022;27(3):e22ins3.

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